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Barry Fitch farmer & butcher


Butchery and farm shop in Little Eaton

Our own farm in Little Eaton produces traditionally reared beef and lamb, and we follow the technique of hanging meat to maximize flavour and texture. Free range chickens, pork and game are locally sourced, as much as possible, and our aim is to produce quality meat for our customers.

Fresh meat and more

Our store in Little Eaton also carries complete accompaniments such as vegetables, cheese, sauces and chutneys. Whether you want to make your favourite quiche or you just want to pick up pies from our baked goods section, Barry Fitch Butchers is the answer to your requirement.

So come in and whether you decide to make a warming casserole, sizzle a home-made burger or treat yourself to a juicy steak for supper, you can choose from a wide selection of meats and cooked meats from our butchery experts.
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Fresh meat and cuts
Professionally butchered Pork
•  Pork joints, leg, shoulder or loin with first class crackling
•  Pork chops, pork loin or leg steaks
•  Stuffed and bacon wrapped pork steaks and pork mince
•  Belly pork, pork casserole pork tenderloin
•  A fabulous selection of home-made sausages
•  Variety of burgers and dry cure bacon

•  Free range ‘Packington‘ chickens 
•  Cuts such as thighs, legs and chicken breast
•  Variety of wrapped and stuffed chicken breast

Cooked meat
•  Selection of roast pork, turkey and beef
•  Ham and tongue

Special array of fresh meats and cuts

Beef and veal 
•  Burgers and mince 
•  Steaks, fillets, rib-eye, sirloin, t-bone and hanger, 
stewing steak and braising steak
•  Complete range of joints and cuts
•  Welfare-friendly, veal escalopes or casserole

•  Shoulder joints, leg joints, shanks, lamb steaks, chops, noisettes, minced lamb
•  Popular cubed casserole lamb
•  Oven ready cuts such as noisettes with black pudding, lamb and mint kebabs, lamb and mint burgers
•  Boneless lamb leg and rump joints which have been marinated in balsamic vinegar, mint and rosemary

•  Steaks 
•  Casserole 
•  Haunches and joints 
•  Sausages

•  Whole and specific breast cuts
Special orders
If you are looking for some delectable game meat such as pheasants and venison,
just ask the team of Barry Fitch Butchers in Little Eaton at Derby.
Call 01332 831 217
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