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Fresh and traditional bakery products sold in Little Eaton

Along with vegetables, cheeses and bread, we also have our own cottage bakery where our bakers use our quality meat to produce savoury pies and pastries, offering a tempting choice every day. Just walk into our bakery at Little Eaton and enjoy some of the local delicacies and sandwiches on offer.

Fantastic range of local pastries

A small cottage bakery attached to the shop, Barry Fitch Butchers produces daily treats of our ‘famous’ sausage rolls, traditional meat pies and pork pies that tantalise your taste buds. We offer lamb & mint, steak (with ale, Stilton or kidney), chicken & ham/leek, mixed game and seasonal varieties. Our speciality pork pies are also available with a Stilton top or a ‘Hunters Pie’ variety - a pork pie with chicken breast layers and haslet/stuffing top. Our ‘Delvers Pie’ - with a black pudding layer, or ‘Barry's Special Pie’ are both definitely worth a taste!

Also, we make carefully chosen selections of ready meals to make supper easy for those days that you find yourself short of time and always on show to tempt you are our homemade cakes, egg custards and crumbles.
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Bakery produce
Pork pie

Baked fresh in Little Eaton

All day long the handmade, hot and cold, sandwiches are available, together with our most popular full English breakfast cobs. Other options available are:

•  Variety of pies and pasties
•  Sausage rolls
•  Traditional Scotch eggs with black pudding and red onion
•  Savoury ducks
•  Game and pork pies
•  Fruit crumbles and tarts
•  Ready meals
•  Quiches
•  Bread
•  Cakes

Seasonal meats
Call our team and order your specific selection of bakery products.
01332 831 217.
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